June Feast Days

What St.Anthony of Padua Really Looked Like

Today is the feast of St.Anthony of Padua and in 2014, Brazilian 3D designer Cícero Moraes used 3D scans of St.Anthony’s skull to create the most realistic picture of what St.Anthony of Padua would have looked like in real life! It begins with St. Anthony’s skull and adds layer after layer of flesh and sinew until we are presented with the most accurate possible depiction of what St. Anthony would have looked like.

Anthony was about 1.71 meters tall. [About 5 feet, 5 inches] His head was elongated so his face must have been straight and narrow, with a prominent chin, aquiline nose, large eyes and healthy, regular teeth. The upper half of his body wasn’t very strong, but it was well-proportioned, with long hands and tapering fingers; the lower half was more developed, due to continual walking. His knees showed evidence of long periods of time spent in prayer.

In 1995, the sculptor Roberto Cremesini had attempted a scientific reconstruction of the face of the Saint from his skull, but almost twenty years later, in 2014, a forensic reconstruction of his face was made, which has given us a high degree of objectivity on his facial features.

The operation was conducted by the Museum of Anthropology of the University of Padua with the fundamental contribution of “Centro Studi Antoniani” and of Cicero Moraes, a well known 3D designer specialised in facial reconstructions in archaeology and a collaborator of the Laboratory of Anthropology and Forensic Dentistry (FOUSP) of the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Pretty cool stuff right?I personally like the round faced saint much more…he seems much more relatable,real and friendly!

St.Anthony of Padua +Ora Pro Nobis+

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