Holy Mass

St.Louis and the Mass

King Louis of France,who labored perhaps more strenuously than any man in his kingdom and who was one of the best and most glorious sovereigns who ever ruled over France,found time to hear two to three masses a day!

Some of his courtiers suggested that he was over taxing himself with so many masses.The King replied:”If I spent much more time in following the pleasures of the chase,or in entertaining my friends at rich banquets,or in frequenting for several hours each day theatres and places of amusement,you would not complain that I was devoting too much time to pleasure.

You forget my dear friends,that by hearing mass I not only secure for myself innumerable blessings,but I confer the most important benefits on my kingdom,many more than I could possibly do in any other way.

This reply of St.Louis may be addressed to those thousands and thousands of apathetic and indifferent Christians who could easily hear daily Mass and do not do so.

Even when they were to make a great sacrifice,they would receive blessings and favors above their highest hopes.But,as s matter of fact,many could hear Mass without any sacrifice,or at so trifling a cost that their guilt in neglecting this Divine Sacrafice is,indeed,incomprehensible.Nothing but lamentable ignorance can explain the reason why so many Catholics neglect to hear daily Mass.

By hearing Mass,the day would become worth a thousand days to them,so wonderful would be the graces and benefits they should receive.

Far from losing time,their business would prosper more,and they would reach a degree of happiness that they could never otherwise hope to attain.

~”The Wonders of the Mass”~

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