Holy Mass

The Power of the Holy Mass

The famous general and hero, Simon de Montfort, with only 800 horse soldiers and very few foot soldiers, was unexpectedly trapped in the town of Muret by an army of 40,000 men led by the King of Aragon and Raymond the Count of Toulouse, who espoused the cause of the Albigensian heretics. He was hearing Mass when his officers came to announce that the besieging army was marching to attack the town.

“Let me first finish Mass,” he replied, “and then I will be with you.”

He then hastened to where his forces were already gathered together, bade them trust in God, and ordering the gates to be flung open, he charged right at the heart of the approaching army, threw it into utter disorder, struck down the King of Aragon himself and won a glorious victory.


Baronius declares that the Emperor Lothaire heard three Masses every day, even when he was on the battlefield with his troops.

In the Great War [WorldWar I] it was well known that Marshal Foch, the Commander-in-chief of the French and British armies, heard Mass every day, even when the position was most critical.


The Emperor Otho of Germany once summoned a council of his chief officers and advisers to take place in the Palace at Worms, at an early hour in the morning.

The Duke of Bohemia, one of the princes who was to take part in the council, was wont to hear Mass daily and was, therefore, late in arriving at the royal palace.

This delay threw the Emperor into a fury, and without waiting for the Duke, he commenced the council, giving orders to all present not to show honor or give any greeting to the Duke on his arrival.

Some short time after, the Duke entered the council chamber and to the surprise of those present, the Emperor, who at first seemed startled, rose in haste and showed every mark of respect to the Duke. When the weighty matters of state had been discussed, the Emperor Otho, noticing the surprise manifested by the assembled lords and princes at his change of demeanor toward the Duke of Bohemia, explained: “Why,” he said, “did you not see that he came accompanied by two angels, one on either side? I dared not show my resentment.”

Similar wonderful favors are granted to the humblest of the faithful, to anyone who hears Mass devoutly.

~Source:”The Wonders of the Holy Mass”~

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