Holy Mass, Stories of the Supernatural

How to Make One’s Business Prosper

Two businessmen resided in the same French town. Both were engaged in the same line of commerce, but while one was prosperous, the other found it very hard to gain a sufficiency, notwithstanding that he worked harder and rose earlier than his friend. Reduced to extremities, he resolved to seek advice from his prosperous colleague, hoping to learn the secret of his success. “My good friend,” replied the wealthy merchant, “I have no secrets, I work just as you work. If there is any difference in our methods, it is this: I go to Mass daily. You do not. Follow my sincere advice, hear Mass every morning, and I feel sure that God will bless your work.” The poorer man did as he was advised, and soon, in some unaccountable way, his difficulties ceased and his business prospered beyond all his expectations.

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