July Feast Days

Carmelite Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War

Blesseds Maria Pilar, Teresa, and Maria Angeles, martyrs of Guadalajara, Spain

Murdered by Communists in 1936 during the Spanish Civil War:  Sr. Maria Pilar of St. Francis Borgia, 58 years old, Sr. Teresa of the Child Jesus, 27, and Sr. Maria of the Angels, 31. 

On July 22, eighteen nuns of the Carmelite monastery in Guadalajara went into hiding in secular dress.  These three martyrs hid in the basement of a hotel.  Two days later, making their way along a street, a woman soldier recognized them as nuns and ordered them to be shot. 

Sr. Maria of the Angels died instantly.  Sr. Maria Pilar, although wounded, cried out:  “Long live Christ the King!”  This infuriated the soldiers, who shot at her and slashed her with a knife.  She died with the words, “My God, pardon them.  They do not know what they are doing.”  Sr. Teresa was led to a nearby cemetery where, after her words “Long live Christ the King!,” she also was shot in the back. 

They were beatified by Saint Pope John Paul II on March 29th, 1987.  Their feast day is observed on July 24th, the day of their martyrdom.

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