Eucharistic Miracles

The Eucharistic Miracle of Seefeld,Austria

On Holy Thursday 1384, Oswald Milser, Lord of Schlossberg approached the altar during Mass to receive Eucharist.  Instead of taking the small Host reserved for the communicant, he requested to receive the large Host as does the celebrating priest. Obliging, the priest gave Oswald the large Host.

As soon as the Host was placed on his tongue the stone floor beneath Oswald broke away and Oswald, still kneeling, sunk into the floor. At the same time Blood began to flow from the Host in Oswald’s mouth. Oswald could not consume the Host, and It was retrieved by the priest.

After the miracle, the Host was reserved for veneration.  So many pilgrims came to see the Host, that between 1423 – 31, Duke Friedrich IV ordered that additions be made to the church to accommodate the large number of visitors.

The Blood Chapel (shown above) was built and dedicated in 1574 with the solemn transfer of the miraculous Host.

In 1870 the High Altar (shown above)  of St. Oswald was built.

The Church of St. Oswald is located at Maximilianweg 29, 6100, Seefeld, Austria.  It has been over 630 years since the Eucharistic Miracle, still the hollow that was made when Oswald Milser sunk into the floor can still be viewed.  It is covered with a grate (for safety reasons) on the south side near the High Altar.

Over 600 years later Our Lords Precious Blood is still visible on the Miraculous Host in the monstrance kept in the tabernacle in the south wall near the High Altar.

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