Holy Mass

A Protestant Converted by the Mass

A group of English tourists, Protestants, assisted at the Holy Sacrifice in the Cathedral Church of Florence. The celebrant said the Mass with deep devotion, quite unaware that he was being closely watched by this group of strangers. Some of the group, when their curiosity had been satisfied, left their places near the altar and proceeded to examine the beauties of the sacred edifice. One, however, remained behind and continued to watch every movement of the priest until the conclusion of the Holy Sacrifice. He was evidently profoundly moved and was especially struck by the look of faith and joy visible on the priest’s face as he came from the altar and proceeded proceeded to the sacristy.

On his return to England, this gentleman begged for instruction and became a fervent Catholic. We do not hesitate to say that, when Protestants or unbelievers assist at a Mass said devoutly, they are frequently so deeply impressed that many of them, like the Englishman whom we have just mentioned, enter the Church.

Hasty and Irreverent Masses Far different, says St. Alphonsus, are the sad results caused to those who assist at a Mass hastily and irreverently celebrated.

~Source:”The Wonders of the Mass”

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