Marian apparitions

Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas


Buenos Aires, Argentina 1983–1990

Our Lady first appeared to Gladys Quiroga de Motta on 25 September, 1983, in the city of San Nicolas de los Arroyos, some 230km from Buenos Aires.

Gladys is married and has two daughters, both of whom are married with children.

Although without much religious formation, she is a very normal, balanced woman with deep piety and she does not like attention.

After a delicate operation in 1976 which saved her life, Gladys surrendered herself to Our Lady and promised to visit the shrine of Our Lady of Luján every year for the next five years, a promise she kept.

On 24 September, 1983, Gladys noticed that the rosary hanging in her room was glowing. Others saw it too and they prayed the rosary together.

The following day, Sunday 25 September, Gladys was praying the rosary when suddenly she saw Our Lady with the Child Jesus in her arms, bathed in a bright light.

She didn’t say anything about it at the time, for fear that others would consider her crazy.

Our Lady continued appearing to her until finally on 12 October she decided to confide what had happened to the parish priest of the cathedral, Fr Carlos Pérez.

He listened attentively and advised her to pray, assuring her that if this was from God, much good would come from it.

The following day Our Lady spoke to Gladys, giving her a message of conversion for all mankind. Thereafter Gladys received many messages that she was to pass on to the whole world.

The messages are the traditional ones associated with the apparitions in Lourdes and Fatima: the need for conversion, the recitation of the Rosary, the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the frequent reception of the sacraments of Penance and the Eucharist… When Our Lady gives Gladys a message, it is as though Mary is doing the writing herself by the hand of Gladys, with a speed and depth of content which are humanly inexplicable.

One extraordinary event associated with the apparitions came on 15 November 1983. Our Lady appeared to Gladys, giving her name as Our Lady of the Rosary. When Gladys described the vision to Fr Pérez he recognised it as that of a lifesized statue of Our Lady of the Rosary which had been blessed by Pope Leo XIII and placed in the cathedral.

When the cathedral suffered considerable damage over a century before, the statue, too, was damaged and was placed in the bell tower.

Fr Pérez showed Gladys the statue and she immediately recognised it as what she had seen in the vision. Our Lady appeared at that moment and asked that the statue be placed once again in the cathedral, even though it was missing a hand and there was no rosary in her hands.

Our Lady also asked Gladys to have a shrine built in her honour for the increase of faith and prayer of the people.

She showed Gladys the spot on which the shrine was to be built by having a bright ray of light come down from heaven over the place when Gladys went there one night with a group of people.

An imposing temple has since been built, following the instructions given by Mary herself. It was opened in 1989 and millions have visited it, with many conversions taking place.

Another extraordinary phenomenon associated with the shrine is the smell of roses in the shrine itself, in the buses travelling there or in the homes of those who have visited it.

Also many rosaries have begun to glow for those who visit the shrine and many people have seen the sun dance in the sky or turn colours while they were able to look at it without damage to their eyes.

Some have seen a white host in front of the sun. Many miraculous cures of illnesses have also been reported.

Gladys herself received the stigmata of Our Lord on her wrists, feet, side and shoulder. A medical specialist says that in one wrist there is one mark but in the other there are two, as on the shroud of Turin, because Christ was nailed twice through that wrist when the first nail did not enter the prepared hole.

The wounds bleed on Fridays and by Sunday or Monday they are back to normal. On Fridays in Lent they are more pronounced and Gladys suffers much pain.

On 22 May, 2016, after a long and thorough study, Bishop Hector Cardelli of San Nicolas declared the apparitions and messages to be of supernatural origin and worthy of belief.

Messages of Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicholas

• That mankind is falling away into sin and corruption, and is “hanging by a thread.”

• That the majority of mankind is in spiritual darkness of atheism, especially in large cities.

• That Mary is giving such frequent messages due to the darkness of the times into which we are heading.

• That these are Advent times, Jesus’ Second Coming is quickly approaching.

• A plea to prayer and conversion of heart.

• The role of Mary in salvation history as the Ark of the Covenant and the “woman clothed with the sun” in the book of Revelation.

• An admonition to pray the rosary faithfully and be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The majority of mankind has allowed itself to become contaminated and as a result the world is under a “warning,”

“It is your duty to teach the Almighty’s justice, and blessed is he who learns it,”

“You must be warned, children, the plague is big. At these moments all humanity is hanging by a thread. My children, the senseless person is dead, even if alive, because he does not fear the justice of God, nor fears not fulfilling of His commandments. He wants to ignore the fact that the Lord’s day and His judgment will arrive. Blessed are those who fear God’s judgment.”

These are the hours,when prayer and visits to the Blessed Sacrament must be especially “fervent.” Humanity is living, in very dramatic moments.”

Gladys says she was shown a vision of the world in two parts, with one of the parts representing those whose souls are being “destroyed,” especially through an obsession with wealth. “A great part of the world is very far from God,” the Virgin told Gladys in more than 1,900 messages. “They go ahead in everything that is materialism, and they do not advance in what is most important, in the knowledge of the Word of God.

“Daughter, the earth is inhabited, but it seems uninhabited. A very great darkness is over it. God’s warning is over the world. Those who stay in the Lord have nothing to fear, but those who deny what comes from him do. Two-thirds of the world is lost and the other part must pray and make reparation for the Lord to take pity. My dear daughter, there is darkness and loss everywhere! My children, in the large cities of the world, atheism and total indifference toward God are to be seen. The devil wants to have full domination over the earth. He wants to destroy. The earth is in great danger.”

In what can only be termed stark warnings, the Virgin emphasized materialism and pride in all its manifestations.

“My children, impose nothing on your lives!” say the messages, granted between 1983 and 1990. “Do not be too ambitious, because to want much can make you forget that the only and real ambition you should have is to be able to enter God’s Kingdom. Try to remember this always, as it is the only thing that matters to the Lord. Not everything is corrupt in the world, but a great part is. This great part is what must be fully and completely renewed, since they despise God. They are God’s enemies. They are being used by the devil craftily and very coldly. Break the bonds to the materialistic world you live in, and join the Lord.”

Reaffirming messages from other places, the Virgin told Gladys in 1988 that “the weapon that has the greatest influence on evil is to say the Rosary” and emphasized that for those who pray it is not a time for anguish but of “hope,” “peace,” and “fortitude.” “The coming of the Lord is imminent,” says a 1988 message, “and as the Scripture says, no one knows the day or the hour, but it will be, and certainly for that hour the soul of Christians should be prepared. These are hours in which your prayer must be fervent. Do you not know that prayer is a shield against evil? It is not mankind who is abandoned by God, but God Who is abandoned by mankind!”

“I say this for all my children: God does not want you to humble yourselves before the enemy, nor does He want you to be destroyed by him, but for you to face up to him. Fear nothing, because the Lord goes in front to each battle. May your will not shrink; be strong because you have the Presence of the Almighty. Daughter, the prince of evil pours out his venom today with all his might, because he sees that his reign is ending; his end is near; little is left to him. My daughter, the evil one is triumphant now, it is true, but it is a victory that will last briefly. Hurry because time is running out.”

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