Eucharistic Miracles

Eucharistic Miracle of Herkenrode-Hasselt,Belgium

On July 25, 1317, the pastor of Saint Quintinus in Viversel (current picture of church shown above -located at Kerkstraat 36, Viversel) was called to give Last Rights and Communion to a parishioner.

While the priest was hearing the confession of the man, a family member went through the priest’s bag and found the Consecrated Host that was going to be used for Communion during the sacrament of Last Rights.  The family  member did not remove the Host, but did touch it.

When the priest came to get the Host for Communion, he discovered that it was covered with Blood  and stuck to the linen of the bag.

This Host was not used for Communion that day.  On August 1, It was taken to the Abbey of Herkenrode, 3 miles to the south (located at Zolderse Kiezel 200, 3511 Kuringen, Belgium), where it was shown to the nuns.  The Host that was stained with Blood by then also contained the image of the face of Christ crowned with thorns.  Many of the religious witnessed this.

Tests were done on this Host in the 18th century by the Apostolic Nuncio Carafa and the Bishop of Liege and it was declared a Eucharistic Miracle.

The Sacred Host remained with the sisters at the Abbey until 1796 when they were expelled from their convent by the French Revolution.

The Sacred Host was then hidden by different families who kept it in a metal box in their homes.

In 1804 the Host was taken in solemn procession from hiding to the Saint Quintinus Church located at Vismarkt, 350, Hasselt, Belgium. This is four miles south of the Abbey and about seven miles south of the Saint Quintinus Church of Viversel.

Saint Quintinus Church dates back to the 11th century.  In the 14th century it was given a Gothic architectural “update”.

Today the Sacred Host from the Eucharistic Miracle of 1317 can still be viewed.  It is perfectly preserved and held in a Reliquary where it can be venerated by the faithful.  In 1967, Saint Quintinus was elevated to a cathedral

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