Miracles of Our Lady, Stories of the Supernatural

Miracles of the Hail Mary

On November 21, 1858, the learned Protestant theologian Dr. Hugo Lammer, of Brannsberg, embraced the Catholic Faith. Soon afterwards he became a priest, and in 1883 was made canon and professor of theology in Breslau.

The cause of his conversion may be related briefly as follows: He read an explanation of the Hail Mary and was so pleased that he began to recite it daily. Here are his own words: “I began to recite the sweet Ave Maria, and to implore Mary’s powerful intercession for my speedy entrance into the True Church. The sting of intellectual conceit became extracted, and in my solitary dwelling, on my knees before the crucifix, I fought, with tears,many interior battles. Mary banished all scruples, and when later, I knocked at the door of the True Church, I could say with the greatest conviction Credo to every tenet of the Catholic religion.”

The following true story is told by an English priest: “One day a workman came to the presbytery, and asked to speak with me at once. He said that he was not a Catholic, but he would be very grateful if I would kindly visit his wife, who was very ill, and he believed that she had not very long to live. I asked him if she were a Catholic. ‘No,’ he answered, ‘but she insists on seeing you, and will not hear of a clergyman of any other religion.’ “On reaching the house, I was welcomed most eagerly by the poor woman. She at once declared that she was convinced of the Catholic Truth, and begged me to instruct her in the doctrine of our religion. I was astonished at all this, for I learned that not one of her relations or neighbors were Catholics. I at once began my instruction. “Before her death, she made her husband solemnly promise to become a Catholic, to send their children to the Catholic school, and to have them brought up in the Faith. After his wife’s death, he faithfully carried out this promise. He declared that he owed his conversion mainly to the extraordinary patience and cheerfulness which his wife showed during her painful illness. “Astonished at the exceptional graces the poor woman had obtained, I asked her if she had ever entered a Catholic church. Having received an answer in the negative, I continued: ‘Have you ever spoken to a Catholic priest?’ ‘No.’ she answered, ‘When I was a little girl, I often played with Catholic children, and I learned a lovely prayer from them, which I have repeated every night, before going to bed.’ Then she recited the Hail Mary; the secret was at last discovered. In the hour of death, Mary, her Heavenly Mother, had claimed her for her own in return for her love and fidelity in saying the Hail Mary.” Every time we say the Hail Mary we give to God’s Blessed Mother immense immense pleasure. We in fact offer her anew all the joys and graces which she received when the Archangel Gabriel announced to her that she was made God’s Mother. When we say the Hail Mary we should say with great trust the words: “Pray for us, sinners, now (that is, during our life) and at the hour of our death.” If we ask Our Lady every time we say the Holy Mary [the second part of the prayer] for a holy death, she will surely obtain it for us.

~Source:”How to be Happy,How to be Holy”

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