Eucharistic Miracles

Eucharistic Miracle of Skete Egypt

Eucharistic Miracle of Skete,Egypt ~3rd Century

The account of this Eucharistic miracle goes back to the first centuries of Christianity and is found in the collection of apothegms of the Fathers of the Desert who lived as hermits in Egypt following the example of St. Anthony the Abbot. A monk was assailed by strong doubts regarding the Real Presence of Jesus in the bread and wine consecrated at Mass. After the Consecration the Infant Jesus was seen in place of the bread. Three other monks who were assisting at the Mass witnessed the same vision.

In the sayings and deeds of the Desert Fathers, we find a description of an ancient Eucharistic miracle. Fr. Daniel the Faranite attests: “Our Fr. Arsenius told us of a monk of Skete who was a hard worker but lacked instruction in the Faith. In his ignorance he would say: ‘The Bread we receive is not really the Body of Christ, but a symbol of that Body.’ Two monks heard his statement and, knowing that he was a good and pious monk, decided to speak to him since they attributed his words to ignorance rather than to malice. So they went to him and said: ‘Father, we heard someone saying something contrary to the Faith: that the bread we receive is not really the Body of Christ, but a symbol.’ The Priest said, ‘I am the one who says this!’ They then began to exhort him, ‘you must not believe that, but rather believe what the Catholic Church teaches. We believe that bread is the Body of Christ, and this chalice is the Blood of Christ, really and truly, and not a symbol.’ The accused replied: ‘Unless you can show me evidence, I will not change my mind.’ The other monks told him, ‘this week we will pray to God about this mystery, and we believe that God will show us the truth.At the end of the week, on Sunday, all three went to the church and stood together. The priest was between the two monks on a step. Their eyes were opened when the Bread was placed on the altar in sacrifice in place of the Host, all three of them saw a Child. When the priest reached for the Bread to pick it up and break It, an angel appeared with a sword and pierced the Boy, whose Blood ran into the chalice. When the priest broke the Bread into pieces, the angel cut little pieces from the Child. When the three monks came up for Communion, the priest was offered bleeding Flesh. At this the doubter was overcome with fear and cried out, ‘Lord, I believe that the Bread is Your Body, and that Your Blood is in the chalice!’ Immediately the bloodied Flesh he had in his hand took on the appearances of bread and he communicated, giving thanks to God.”

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