Pious Devotions

Jesus,Master,Teach Me


Teach me, teach me, dearest Jesus

In Thine own sweet loving way.

All the lessons of perfection

I must practice day by day.

Teach me Meekness, dearest Jesus,

Of Thine own the counterpart;

Not in words and actions only.

But the meekness of the heart.

Teach Humility, sweet Jesus,

To this poor, proud heart of mine,

Which yet wishes,O my Jesus,

To be modelled after Thine.

Teach me Fervor, dearest Jesus,

To comply with every grace,

So as never to look backwards,

Never slacken in the race.

Teach me Poverty, sweet Jesus,

That my heart may never cling

To whate’er its love might sever

From my Saviour, Spouse, and King,

Teach me Chastity, sweet Jesus,

That my every day may see

Something added to the likeness

That my soul should bear to Thee,

Teach Obedience,dearest Jesus,

Such as was Thy daily food

In Thy toilsome earthly journey

From the cradle to the rood.

Teach Thy Heart to me, dear Jesus,

Is my fervent, final prayer,

For all beauties and perfections

Are in full perfection there.

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