Angels, Miracles of the Saints

Angels in the Life of St.Zita

Daughter of poor peasants, Zita was born at Monsagrati, close to Lucca. Because of the great poverty of her family she was sent at only 12 years old, to go to work in the home of the noble family Fatinelli. Because of her great goodness and generosity, she made herself valued by all. She died in that home in 1278.

The poets Fazio of Umberti and Dante memorialized her in their works, linking her name to the city of Lucca, city of which the Saint is patron, in addition to being the patron saint of housekeepers and maids.

Because of her abilities and virtues Zita was given, by her owners, care of the whole family. One morning she went to

Holy Communion in the nearby Church of Saint Frediano and she was so fervent in her thanksgiving that she lost track of time. This was the day she was supposed to bake bread. She ran home worried about recuperating the lost time. She opened the cupboard and found to her astonishment that the flour was already mixed and rising and she had only to cook it in the oven. She searched and questioned anyone who might have done this, but in vain. The Lord then revealed that the Angels had prepared the bread while she was at prayer.

One evening Saint Zita was preparing for the midnight Mass of Christmas. Heavy snow had fallen in Lucca and since Zita had given away all the warm wraps she owned to the poor, her mistress insisted that she wear her fur coat. The Saint before entering the Church of Saint Frediano, saw a poor man seated on the steps who was freezing in the cold. She gave the poor man the fur coat and asked him to return it to her as it was not hers.At the end of the Mass, Zita remained in prayer for a long time. When she left the church it was already past dawn. The poor man was nowhere in sight and he had taken the fur coat with him! Zita did not think much of the reproaches from her owner but felt bad that she had made the poor man wait so long. She made her way home and met with expected blame from her employer. Around dinner-time there was a knock at the door. It was the poor man carrying the fur coat. When he went to take his leave a blinding light filled the room. Everyone was astonished. A joy never felt before pervaded their souls. That poor man was the Guardian Angel of Saint Zita.

An ancient manuscript narrates that one year a famine severely struck the city of Lucca. Grain became very expensive due to profiteering. After Zita had given all the bread in the house to the poor one morning, and not knowing what to do to provide for other poor people that came to her at the house of the Fatinelli’s, she gave them the contents of a large case filled with fava beans her patron was supposed to sell. When the owner ordered her to verify the contents of the case and give it to the buyer, Zita, trusting in Providence, opened it up and saw that the case was once again filled to capacity.

Miracles of the Saints, Stories of the Supernatural

Mystical Experiences of St.Francis of Assisi

Mystical Experiences of St.Francis of Assisi

~Francis when he pronounced the name Bethlehem felt the honey in the mouth. When he began to do penance and to show mercy to the lepers, he could say: “What had seemed bitter to me was changed into sweetness of soul and body”.

The chariot of fire

~At about midnight who was awake and praying in silence she saw the door of the house a bright chariot of fire that took two or three laps here and there about the room, it rested on a large globe, shining like the sun illuminated the dark night.

They were amazed by not only the light that enters the body, but also in the spirit which had extraordinary effects. Meeting, they wondered the significance of the phenomenon, then realized that this was definitely the soul of the blessed Father. It was an extraordinary gift bestowed by God to Francis for his purity and his ardent love for the creatures.

The leper

~One day while Francis was thinking of leaving the worldly life, riding through the fields outside the walls of Assisi, he heard distinctly the sound of a bell. He saw a disfigured be coming to meet him, he was a leper with tainted meat, calcified that emitted a stench unbearable.

Francis had to flee the motion because he knew that leprosy was a disease very contagious, but overcame his repugnance, he descended from his horse, approached the leper and kissed him with the kiss of love. Climbed on horseback, he turned to greet the leper, but that was gone. That leper was Jesus Christ descended to earth to receive a kiss from his servant.

Francis in his will he wrote:

“When I was in sin, too bitter to me seemed to see the lepers, and the Lord led me among them, when I left, what first estimation bitter, I was changed into sweetness of soul and body, and after I left the world&qot;.

The Seal of Christ

~Francis, with a few companions, reached the summit of La Verna, where he practiced for several days an increasingly ardent prayer. On 14 September 1224, the day of the Exaltation of the Cross in the early hours of the morning Francis was marked by the stigmata. Celano says: “A man who was above him, like a seraph with six wings, hands outstretched and feet together and secured to a cross. Two of the wings were outstretched over his head, two were outstretched as if to fly, and Both were wrapped around the body. When the servant of the Most Blessed saw these things, he was filled with the biggest surprise, but still could not understand what this vision meant. But he was full of happiness and rejoiced greatly to the courteous and kind look with which you could look at the seraph, whose beauty was priceless … And while he was unable to reach an understanding of what the vision and the strangeness perplexed his heart, the marks of nails began to appear in his hands and his feet just as she had seen them just before the crucified man above him … In addition, his left flank was as if he had been pierced by a spear.


~The whole town of Gubbio lived under the specter of a wolf that appeared in the city was in the frequent killing of animals and men, the poor and frightened people to defend themselves were forced to shut within the walls.

Francis had compassion for these people and inspired by the Lord, left the town to meet the Wolf. When he saw the animal coming towards him, stopped him with a gesture of the cross and said, “Brother Wolf, come to me, I command thee from Christ that you do not hurt either to me or anyone, I promise you that people will ensure your livelihood, you’re? “. The Wolf meek as a lamb, held out his paw to Francis to accept the pact proposed in front of all citizens dazed. The Wolf lived long among the residents without doing any harm. The inhabitants, in memory of such a wonderful miracle, began building a church that still exists is called the church of the “Victory”.


~One day the poor man of Assisi stood in prayer to obtain from God as the lighting would be his life and that of his brethren. Immediately felt inundate the intimate heart of ineffable joy and immense sweetness. He was kidnapped outside of himself and lighting could contemplate clearly divine the future. After contemplation, and returned full of joy, said to his brothers: “Beloved, comforted and rejoice in the Lord, do not mourn the fact that they are few, are not intimidated by my and your ease, because, as the Lord has revealed to me He will make us a countless multitude, and we propagate to the ends of the world. I saw a lot of people come to us, willing to live with the holy habit of common life and according to the Rule of Blessed Religion. still ringing in ears the noise of their coming and going in accordance with the command of the holy obedience! I saw the streets crowded with them, from almost all nations”.


~One day, while St. Francis spoke to the people gathered in the square in Aviano, a flock of swallows fluttering so strong as to prevent his voice came to the company. Francis spoke to them in the following words: “My sisters the swallows, now it’s my turn to speak, because you have already done enough, hear the word of God silent and quiet, until the delivery is finished.” The flock quickly to the amazement of the crowd fell silent and remained so until the sermon was finished. Those present were amazed in front of this sign and said, “Truly this man is a saint and a friend of the Most High.”

Miracles of the Saints, Stories of the Supernatural

Miracles of St.Francis of Assisi

~Francis arrived in the city of Toscanella and was hosted by a gentleman who had a son crippled. Behind the insistent prayers of this man, and thanks to the hospitality offered, Francis healed the boy between the joy of those present.

~A paralyzed man named Peter lived in the city of Nardi. One day, learned of the arrival of Francis in this city to preach, did get to the diocesan bishop’s plea that sends the poor man of Assisi. Francesco accept. Went to Peter and with a simple sign of the cross healed the paralytic.

~A woman in the city of Nardi, his sight when Francis made the sign of the cross.

~Woman with hands clenched so as not to use them, heard about the coming of the Holy Gubbio his city, urged him to regain use of his hands. Francis heard his prayer healed her.

~St. Francis had pity for a Friar hit by epilepsy, we went to him and after having blessed and healed him.

~A woman possessed lived in in the City of Castello, Francesco passing there, drove out the demon and freed the woman from harm.

In the process of canonization of saints have been reported and approved by the ecclesiastical authorities over forty miracles. These include:

~A woman particularly devoted to St. Francis died in the town of Montemarano. In its wake many people gathered to pray, his body suddenly wakes up and asks the priest who was present to take advantage of the confession. After the confession, the priest confides: “I was waiting to be sentenced to a harsh penalty but St. Francis has requested and obtained for me the grace to come back to life, to repent and confess all my sins.” After the woman fell asleep in the Lord.

~A married couple who lived Pomarico dearly loved their daughter. One day their little suddenly died. The mother collapsed with grief and begged to please ardent St. Francis, the saint appeared to assuring the fate of his beloved daughter. Shortly after the little girl awoke to the wonder of those present, and stood up as if nothing had happened.

~At Capua, a boy drowned in the Volturno, a man after the month drew to shore now dead. These realized while noting the death of the boy began to invoke the intervention of St. Francis. The monk did not disappoint them, the boy, in fact, got up as if nothing had happened between the joy and amazement of those present.

~A Sessa Aurunca a house collapsed, killing a young woman who was inside, rescuers pulled out the rubble and lying on a stretcher. Mother trusting in God and in the merits of St. Francis began to pray. One night the girl woke perfectly healthy. The miracle did rejoice present.

~A Ragusa while a young man was working at a printing press because it was harvest time, a pile of wood placed near it fell on the head and killed him. The father promptly rushed, he began to beseech St. Francis because they bring back the child. The miracle happened, the young man came to life perfectly healthy. Once again Jesus Christ had heard the intercession of Saint Francis.

~At Thebes lived a pious woman s San Francisco and blind from birth. On the eve of the feast of Saint had to fast to pay homage. The next day was conducted in the Church of the Friars to attend the Mass, during the act of elevation of the Body of Christ, his eyes suddenly acquired the light. Now for the joy erupted in shouts of joy which joined the many present. St. Francis had received the grace of healing.

~In the Gargano, a man intent on looking after the branches of a vine, struck with the hatchet violently eye recidivist. The poor man appealed to faith in St. Francis did not disappoint him. The eye is instantly healed so perfectly that not even saw the sign of the injury.

~A man in the town of Assisi, for an alleged theft, were taken eyes. The poor man, so horribly mutilated, he was carried to the altar of San Francesco, where, crying for his innocence, pleaded with the help of the saint. Francis did not remain insensitive to human pleas and received from Jesus the grace. After three days of the blind man miraculously sprouted new eyes, though smaller, and with them the view.

~In the Church of San Francesco in Assisi, and was being preached by the Bishop of Ostia a large stone, left carelessly on the marble pulpit, he fell on the head of a woman sitting under the pulpit. These crushed his head after seeing the woman, covered her with a coat because it was believed dead. Great was the astonishment of those present when, after the sermon, saw her stand up perfectly intact. The woman told her that he had entrusted to St. Francis and to be certain that the miracle was thanks to the intercession of this glorious saint.

~A Vincalvi lived a cleric named Matthew. One day Matthew inadvertently ingested a potent poison that acted immediately, stiffening the limbs, and blocking the word. Matthew urged Jesus saved his life by the merits of St. Francis. Suddenly he could with his lips to pronounce the name of the Holy and vomit the poison ingested. So fully recover health.

~In the Castle of Gori, located in the diocese of Ostia, a man was desperate because a tumor had lost the use of the leg. He appealed to the poor man of Assisi to get help and was not disappointed. Francis appeared to him in company with another brother with a stick-shaped god Tau touched the diseased part of the leg, and incredibly quickly regained the use of the limb, so perfectly healed and could walk freely. In memory of the miracle had been imprinted in so touched by St. Francis, the symbol of the Tau.