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The Saints and the Sign of the Cross

In the lives of the Saints we find other innumerable proofs of the power of the Sign of the Cross.

St. Dominic raised the dead to life by the holy Sign.

St. Vincent Ferrer worked hundreds hundreds of miracles by this blessed Sign.

Tertullian relates that the Christians in the first centuries began everything with the Sign of the Cross.

When they left their homes or reentered them, they blessed themselves.

Arising in the morning or going to rest at night, they made the Sign of the Cross with great devotion.

In all dangers and temptations they made the same holy Sign.

St. Patrick made the Sign of the Cross 400 times a day.

All good Christians should strive to make the Sign of the Cross as frequently as possible.

By this blessed Sign, devoutly made, we give immense glory to God, for we offer to Him the infinite merits of the death of Jesus Christ.

But never, never should a Christian make the Sign of the Cross hastily or irreverently.

~Source:”How to be Happy,How to be Holy”

Stories of the Supernatural

Julian the Apostate Saved By the Sign of the Cross

The impious emperor Julian the Apostate did not hesitate to hold communications with the devil. On one occasion, accompanied by a noted magician, he entered a dark, subterranean cavern where the devil was wont to be honored. Horrible noises greeted his affrighted ears. Hideous figures became visible in the gloom, so that the Emperor was terrified.

Mindful of the power of the Sign of the Cross, which he had so often made as a child, he now instinctively signed himself with this holy Sign. Instantly the horrible noises ceased, the dreadful figures disappeared and all was peace. The impious emperor, regaining his lost courage, once more attempted to perform the devilish rites, whereupon the devils again appeared and struck terror into his heart. Again, filled with fear, he made this holy Sign and the devils fled headlong from the cavern. This episode is related both by St. Gregory and St. Augustine.

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A Cripple Cured By the Sign of the Cross

The holy Bishop, St. Bonnet, was once asked by a poor cripple to place his hand on his suffering members, hoping that the touch of the holy man would restore his limbs to their pristine health and strength. “I will gladly do what you ask,” replied replied the Bishop, “but it will avail you nothing.” He touched the poor, withered legs of the disabled man, but his touch produced no result, much to the disappointment of the infirm man. Moved to compassion, St. Bonnet then said, “I will now do something which will give you back your strength.” Stretching forth his hand, he made with it the Sign of the Cross and lo, in an instant the lame man was completely restored to health!

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The Jew and the Sign of the Cross

A Jew was traveling on foot to Rome, and being suddenly overtaken at nightfall by a great storm took refuge in the ruins of a pagan temple. Wearied by his day’s journey, he soon fell fast asleep.

At dead of night he was suddenly awakened by horrible noises and a suffocating odor. His horrified glance fell on a number of devils, whose hideous forms filled him with terror. Remembering that the Christians whom he knew used the holy Sign in all dangers, he too, as best he could, made the Sign of the Cross, which at once drove the devils in headlong flight from the temple. On reaching Rome he recounted this fact, and the Holy Father ordered a rigorous examination of his statements to be made. These were shown to be perfectly true.

~Source:”How To Be Happy,How To Be Holy”

spiritual warfare, Stories of the Supernatural

The Power of the Sign of the Cross

In the reign of the Emperor Phocas, a Persian embassy arrived at the Imperial Court in Con-stantinople. These ambassadors and their suite were all Mohammedans.

The Emperor and the members of the palace remarked that these Mohammedan princes and their followers had the Sign of the Cross marked on their foreheads. Surprised at this love and respect for the Sign of the Cross on the part of fanatical Moslems, they inquired the reason. The Moslems explained that some years previously a terrible epidemic had raged in Persia. The Moslems noted that the Christians signed themselves with the Sign of the Cross and were thus delivered from the plague. Convinced of the power of the Cross, they themselves did likewise and were also delivered from the awful scourge. Since then profound respect was shown for this holy Sign, which was considered as a protection and safeguard from sickness and pestilence.

Many devout Catholics, when troubled with any pain or sickness, make the Sign of the Cross with their thumb on the part afflicted saying, “By the holy Sign of the Cross deliver us, O Lord, from all evils and sickness.” This holy practice is of the greatest efficacy and should be used by all the faithful.